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Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape
Custom printed film tapes are likely the most popular type of printed tape.
Constructed of polypropylene and available in a variety of Mil thicknesses and Colors.

Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape Custom Printed Box Sealing Tape 3" x 55yds 2" Custom Printed Tape
3" Custom Printed Tape
Tape Options

1.9 Mil - Standard Grade (Similar to 3M 371, Intertape 7100 and Shurtape HP200)
2.5 Mil - Premium Grade (Similar to 3M 373, Intertape 9100 and Shurtape HP400)
3.0 Mil - Heavy Duty Grade (Similar to 3M 375, Intertape 1100 and Shurtape HP500)

Thickness Options: Polypropylene 2.0mil, 2.5mil and 3.0mil in acrylic or hot-melt.
Standard ink colors: Black, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Red (#199), Green (#347), Orange (#165), Yellow(#108), Brown (#476), Burgundy (#222), Grey (#431), All other PMS colors available on request.
Standard tape colors: Clear, White & Tan
Additional tape colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green & Blue