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Water-Activated Paper Tapes

(Gummed Paper Tape)

Water-activated tape (AKA ...gummed paper tape, gum tape, kraft paper tape, Amazon Tape) bonds instantly to both virgin and recycled corrugated boxes. As a result these tapes generate an immediate destructive bond. This creates the ultimate tamper evident package. offers the whole array of Water-activated tapes. From fiberglass reinforced to plain, non-reinforced, we have you covered.

Custom Printed Paper Tapes Standard Warning Prints Colored Paper Tapes
Heavy Duty Paper Tapes Custom PMS Colors Custom Sizes/Low Minimums


Why Use Water-Activated Paper Tapes?

Water activated tapes have been around for more than 50 Years.  With the rapid increase in eCommerce shipping, Water Activated Tapes have seen a huge jump in popularity.  Here are just a couple of the main reasons that people prefer Water Activated Gummed Paper Tapes

Premium Bond – our starch based adhesive aggressively bonds to corrugated cartons, even in dusty or dirty environments
Protection – a carton sealed with water-activated tape can’t be opened without leaving a broken seal
Custom Printed – advertise your company and products, provide directions for freight handlers and improve the appearance of your package
All-Weather Use – not affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures

Better Packages, Central Brand, Intertape, Tape Inc, Crowell are all trade names of the Intertape Polymer Group