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Printed Flatback Paper Tape

No Dispenser Necessary

This is a strong, flexible paper tape with a high cross-direction tensile strength. Flat back paper tape has long been used by shipping departments and movers because of it's strength and hand-tearability. No need for a dispenser. Many other uses have been discovered for this tape because it is so easy to use. Great for holding where regular masking tape just isn't strong enough.

This tape was designed for AMAZON sellers that want to brand their shipments but don't want to mess with the water activated tapes and the expensive dispensers associated with the corporate Amazon tape.

Sticks securely to all types of corrugated boxes

Amazon Seller Printed Tape was designed exclusively for the Amazon Seller community that would like to label their orders without the hassle and expense of using water activated tape and dispensers. Extremely low minimums give you a great opportunity to up the professionalism in the packaging your Amazon orders.

No claim is made to the exclusive right to use "AMAZON" apart from the mark as shown.
All references to this trademark are simply for reference purposes.

Sale of this tape is only intended for the packaging of Amazon related shipments