3M 476XL Double Coated Film Extended Liner Tape
3M 476XL Double Coated Film Extended Liner Tape
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3M 476XL
Extended Liner Double Coated Tape

476XL is ideal for heavy duty sealing. Mounting of promotional items. Core starting. Closure of overnight or express boxes, tubes or envelopes. POP Point of Purchase displays, FDA indirect food contact applications.

  • Seal corrugated express boxes and envelopes.
  • Extra wide Finger-lift liner.
  • Resists temperatures up to 120°F.
  • Clear polypropylene film with high tack synthetic rubber adhesive and kraft paper liner.
  • All widths include 1/8" dry edges of the liner on each side.
Volume Purchases and Special Sizes

Item# Item Name Price Quantity Add
3M31507 3M 476XL Double-Sided Film Tape 1/2" x 360yds
3M30600 3M 476XL Double-Sided Film Tape 3/4" x 540yds
3M30597 3M 476XL Double-Sided Film Tape 1" x 540yds
3M43541 3M 476XL Double-Sided Film Tape 2" x 540yds
3M91576 3M 476XL w/Translucent 1/4 dry edge, 1.8" x 540yds
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Product Features:
3M 476xl is a 6.0 mil, double coated polypropylene PP film carrier, extended liner, pressure sensitive synthetic rubber adhesive with a densified kraft paper liner. Coated with a proprietary 3M 760 Rubber Adhesive.

Technical Specs:
3M™ Extended Liner Tapes have a liner that extends beyond the width of the adhesive to
provide easy liner starting and removal. The liners, with the exception of 3M™ Extended
Liner Tape 450EK is printed with the message, “Remove to Expose Adhesive”.

• The extended liner provides a dry edge on each side of the tape for easy liner removal.
Stated product widths include the dry edge of the liner.

• 3M™ Extended Liner Tapes 465XL, 920XL and 9925XL are ideal for adhesion to
paper materials but also work well on many other surfaces. Some application ideas are:
– Pressure-sensitive edges for posters and point of purchase sales advertising.
– Permanent mounting of novelty items, note pads, literature, posters and labels.
– Pressure-sensitive edging on business forms.
• 3M™ Extended Liner Tapes 450EK, 450XL, 465XL and 920XL are ideal for
pharmaceutical outsert attachment. 3M tape 450XL has a heavier liner than 3M tape
920XL to help reduce liner breakage during application. 3M tape 450EK has the most
tear resistant liner of these products. This release liner has stretch built into the paper
making it tough and tear resistant. 3M tape 465XL is .002 in. thick for surface which
requires more adhesive mass.

• 3M™ Extended Liner Tape 466XL is well suited to many coated, uncoated and
synthetic paper applications as well as for high and low surface energy plastic film

• 3M™ Extended Liner Tape 476XL is a double coated tape with a film carrier and has
excellent quick stick for sealing many boxes and tubes used for various types of

• 3M™ Extended Liner Tape 9925XL is a double coated tape with a thin tissue carrier for
permanent paper to paper bonding.

Additional Information:
3M 476 additional Size Chart

3M ID Available Sizes Unit Qty Shipping Unit
70006215209 Clear, 1/2 in x 360 yd 6.0 mil Roll 12 Case
70006282357 Clear, 3/4 in x 60 yd 6.0 mil Roll 48 Case
70006213469 Clear, 3/4 in x 540 yd 6.0 mil Roll 8 Case
70006213477 Clear, 1 in x 60 yd 6.0 mil Roll 36 Case
70006213493 Clear, 1 in x 540 yd 6.0 mil Roll 6 Case
70006405446 Clear, 1-1/2 in x 60 yd 6.0 mil Roll 24 Case
70006177607 Clear, 1-1/2 in x 540 yd 6.0 mil Roll 4 Case
70006213451 Clear, 1.8 in x 540 yd 6.0 mil Roll 3 Case
70006358603 Clear, 2 in x 60 yd 6.0 mil Roll 24 Case
70006282704 Clear, 2 in x 540 yd 6.0 mil Roll 3 Case

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