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3M Adhesive Transfer Tape

At Custom Tapes, you'll find a variety of adhesive transfer tapes from 3M. 3M adhesive transfer tape is an excellent and durable alternative to double-sided tape and we offer a variety of strengths and sizes. Many consider 3M ATG tape to be the best on the market, and it is permanent, all-purpose and will bond to both similar and dissimilar surfaces.

When you are looking at our selection of Scotch adhesive transfer tape, keep in mind that the type of tape you select will depend on the level of adhesion it provides. 3M 987 is an all-purpose tape that is great for attaching signs and placards, and 3M 924 tape is ideal for mounting artwork and picture frame dust covers. For extra strong adhesion, your best bet is 3M 969 which can bind plastics, metals and cloth.

Please note that for appropriate packing tape transfer, you will need a corresponding tape dispenser, which are also available on our website.