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Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape
Custom printed film tapes are likely the most popular type of printed tape.
Constructed of polypropylene and available in a variety of Mil thicknesses and Colors.

Tape Options

1.9 Mil - Standard Grade (Similar to 3M 371, Intertape 7100 and Shurtape HP200)
2.5 Mil - Premium Grade (Similar to 3M 373, Intertape 9100 and Shurtape HP400)
3.0 Mil - Heavy Duty Grade (Similar to 3M 375, Intertape 1100 and Shurtape HP500)

Thickness Options: Polypropylene 2.0mil, 2.5mil and 3.0mil in acrylic or hot-melt.
Standard ink colors: Black, Reflex Blue, Process Blue, Red (#199), Green (#347), Orange (#165), Yellow(#108), Brown (#476), Burgundy (#222), Grey (#431), All other PMS colors available on request.
Standard tape colors: Clear, White & Tan
Additional tape colors: Red, Yellow, Orange, Green & Blue

Custom Printed Carton Sealing Tape

Don't just package things in cartons; make sure you know where individual items need to go even after they've been sealed. This complete range of custom packing tape is designed to secure cartons tightly and keep you in the know about their contents without having to open them up.

With custom printed carton sealing tape, you can rework the way you deal with freight. For instance, printed carton sealing tape can be prominently adorned with special handling warnings, destination indicators or even machine-readable identifiers that work with your favorite bar code scanning tool. Because we rely on a uniquely consistent high-resolution printing process to create our range of polypropylene tapes, they're equally suitable for critical industrial processes and consumer-ready applications.

What makes this the best packing tape around? In addition to choosing your own designs complete with corporate logos, contact information or special product info, you can select from a huge range of colors and mil thicknesses. Check out the offerings below, or get in touch with one of our representatives to choose a superior printed film tape for your application.