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Flatbed Die Cutting

Rotary Die-Cutting Pressure Sensitive tapes

Simply defined, Rotary Die-Cutting is an extremely versatile fabrication process that uses precision engraved steel cylinders to die-cut, cavity-cut, kiss-cut or butt-cut a wide range of pressure sensitive materials. It is a highly accurate and speedy process, custom-shaped die cutting comes in a variety of different methods, such as flatbed, press, laser and rotary die cutting. Rotary die cutting functions well on high volume projects, producing little waste and featuring quick turnover times. Extremely reliable and consistent, rotary die cutting is one of the most popular methods in creating custom shapes out of pressure sensitive materials.

Flatbed die-cutting Pressure Sensitive tapes

Flatbed die-cutting uses hydraulic pressure to stamping out shapes of material with steel rule dies. Ideal for cutting, creasing, embossing, and waste stripping separation of a range of pressure sensitive materials. The process is used in a wide variety of sectors from packaging, label, and display manufacture to commercial printing.

Laser Cutting of Pressure Sensitive tapes

Laser Cutting Pressure Sensitive tapes offers an endless array of part dimensions. Tape can be produced as kiss-cut on a roll or in bulk as individual pieces. The digital laser tape cutting system can produce parts that were previously an option with mechanical tooling. The laser can cut parts at up to 100 feet/minute. So if you have tape parts or pieces that were previously a problem with traditional die-cut methods, Laser Tape cutting could be your answer. Micro die cut parts, perforated tape parts, tape prototypes, etc.

Waterjet Cutting Pressure Sensitive tapes

Waterjet Pressure Sensitive tape cutting is utilized for the toughest fabrication jobs where conventional cutting methods are unable to produce quality cuts.