Eco-Friendly Green Air Pillows
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Opus Air Green Machine

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Eco-Friendly Green Air Pillows

  • Opus Air environmentally friendly pillows are 100% recyclable.
  • Constructed of High-density polyethylene.
  • Pillows are Perforated for easy tear off.

The simplest, most versatile Biodegradable Air Pillow
machine on the market!

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The Opus Bio biodegradable air pillows can be reused, recycled in the appropriate waste stream, or recycled through composting Opus Air recycled film uses post-consumer waste plastic to minimize the amount of unsustainable virgin plastic being used and going to landfill

With market leading performance and a clear environmental benefit, STC is helping companies to meet their packaging waste targets and reduce plastic pollution.

Item# Item Name Price Quantity Add
S-18722 Eco-Friendly Green Air Pillows 16 x 2"
S-18597 Eco-Friendly Green Air Pillows 8 x 4"
S-18598 Eco-Friendly Green Air Pillows 8 x 8"
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Product Features:

Whether your application is impact protection, void fill, wrapping or surface protection or you are looking for a more flexible alternative to small bubble film, has a suitable film configuration for you.

Technical Specs:

Opus Air Green Machine FAQs

Does Opus Air Bio film perform as well as traditional plastics?

Yes. The puncture resistance, tensile strength and air permeability of Opus Bio film is virtually identical to non-degradable plastics. Opus Bio Film is biodegradable.

What difference does that make?

Opus Air Bio film reduces plastic pollution and the volume of plastic going to landfill. When disposed of, Opus Bio film will biodegrade within 12 to 24 months leaving no toxic residues. Conventional plastics will remain in the environment for decades, often as litter or filling up ever decreasing landfill reserves.

How does the film biodegrade?

The film uses special additives that start to degrade the material without impacting the integrity of the film. Once disposed of, the film will undergo oxidative degradation. The molecular structure of the film is altered enabling the material to totally degrade in the presence of moisture, micro-organisms and oxygen.

So, how can users dispose of the air cushions?

Opus Air pillows can be recycled in the existing plastic waste stream. The cushions can also be recycled in home or commercial composting facilities, although we do not claim compostability for the material under EN13432

Can I have my company logo printed on the cushions?

Yes, you can definitely have your name and mesage printed on the film. There are some minimum requirements, but the process is so smooth that you will have custom film in no time

Does Stock all of the replacement film?

Yes. It is available for shipment within 24 hours or sooner!

Does this film work in the previous versions of the Opus Air Green Machine?

Yes it does.