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Graphic Art Tapes

Includes a variety of tapes that are used in the graphic art industry or on printed circuit boards

Graphic Art Tapes are used to mask out unwanted portions of negatives and/or screens, repairing camera bellows, sealing film envelopes and metal film containers, opaquing, stripping and edging, splicing, used as a repositionable layout and assembly of artwork and/or work in progress, such as illustration boards, photos, acetate and grid paper, light blocking of negatives, silhouetting, holding and tabbing.

Artist Tape 3M 616 Lithographers Tape Polyken 221 Screen Tape
Glow in the Dark Tape

Graphic Art Tape

Our graphic art tape caters to a variety of different art projects. From working with film, labeling, screening and more. We offer an assortment of styles and sizes to cater to any project scale.

Browse through our selection of different graphic art tape designed for an array of art projects. Our artist tape is perfect for marking sound boards, framing and labeling. Easily print and write on this type of tape. For those looking to work with lithographic stripping applications we offer photographically opaque lithographers tape. Our polyken screen tape is rubber adhesive and great for screening applications. We have an adhesive graphic chart tape for every use.

Shop through our selection of art tape for the most reliable and effective graphic art tapes on the market. Enhance your crafting experience when you order a roll today!