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Water-Activated Tapes

Water-activated tapes bond instantly to both virgin and recycled fiber (corrugated carton, paper, etc.) surfaces and therefore, generate an immediate destructive bond resulting in a tamper evident package.

Our water-activated tapes offer superior performance for: sealing, tabbing, identification, core starting, packaging, paper, security control & many other uses. Rigid quality standards ensure that Central brand water-activated tapes will provide you with consistent and reliable performance... roll after roll.

Why is our quality the best?

We only offer the best tape. As the industry leader in Water-Activated Tapes for more than 90 years, the Central brand water-activated tape product line has led the packaging industry with unique advances in processing technology and development of patented adhesives.

Central Water Activated Gummed Tape Central Water Activated Gummed Tape Better Pack 333 Plus Tape Dispenser

Gummed Paper Tape

When you’re shipping out or moving packages around, you want to ensure that everything remains in the box safely. Our gummed paper tape securely holds together any edges and keeps packages sealed with its strong grip. Through this tape, the packaging industry has made many advances in processing technology and improving shipping.

All our gummed tape is water-activated. This tape is great for sealing, packaging, tabbing, security control, labeling and much more. We offer different colors and sizes of refill rolls for all of your needs. If you’re looking for a convenient way to store your gummed paper our tape dispenser makes precise cuts and prevents rolls from getting messy or lost.

Make your packages impossible to tamper with when you use a roll of gum tape. We offer consistent and reliable performance with every roll. Order today!