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Used Book Sticker Tape PP20S-W Printed Tape - If Seal Is Disturbed Check Contents Rejected printed Tape
Preprinted Tape - "Approved", 2" x 55 yds S-11662 American Flag Tape If Seal is Broken Tape
Fragile Tape Do Not Break Stretch Wrap Tape STOP - If Seal is Broken Tape
Glass Handle with Care Tape If Seal is Broken Tape - Tan Packing List Enclosed Tape
Invoice Enclosed Tape Mixed Merchandise Tape Repack Tape
Handle with Care Tape Season's Greetings Tape 2 Color Stop Tape
Do Not Double Stack Tape Do Not Top Load Tape

Pre-Printed Tape Labels

Institute smarter package handling procedures by using smarter tapes. Whether you're looking to reduce freight loss incidents or single out certain items from within the mountains of mail you process daily, these pre-printed tapes and labels make it easier to manage the items you're responsible for handling.

Improve your processing security and identify valid returns with ease by applying our tamper evident tape to the exterior of your retail products. Or affix our “fragile” tape labels to ensure that your products remain intact even after they leave your hands and transfer to a third-party processor. These stock tapes are designed for clarity and lasting legibility, and they perfectly replicate many of the common icons found throughout the freight and lading industries, so you can rest assured that they'll help others handle your items correctly.

Of course, our “handle with care” tape and “broken seal” tape products aren't just designed to look good; they also incorporate ideal material characteristics for long-lasting adhesion. Discover more by selecting any of the options below, or contact us for assistance.