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Tesa Tape
Tesa is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of self-adhesive tape solutions for numerous industries. Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, tesa North America is well positioned to serve the North American market with customized tape solutions that are unique to this region. With over 35 sales offices throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico, the tesa® team is poised to provide you with efficient service and products to meet your requirements day in, day out.

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Tamper Evident Tape 64620 Double Coated Tape tesa® 4651 is a powerful, high-quality, acrylic-coated cloth tape
tesa® 4651 is a powerful, high-quality, acrylic-coated cloth tape Tesa 4965 Lowest Prices on Tesa Tape at
Tensilized Polypropylene tape Tesa 4970 Double-Sided Tape Tesa 4104 Transparent Tape

Tesa Double Sided Tape, Cloth Tape & Masking Tapes

Our selection of Tesa tape comes from one of the global leaders in adhesive tapes of all types, used in numerous industries. We have access to more than 50 different tesa tapes, all of which can be found by clicking on the Tesa® Product Listing icon on this page. The tapes we're currently featuring in the Tesa Tape category include a Tesa double sided tape, a Tesa cloth tape, a Tesa masking tape and a Nopi Strapping Tape. This last one, the 4090 Strapping Tape, will shrink around a load and hold it securely, when properly applied.

Their #4651 Cloth Tape is covered in acrylic and comes in a choice of eight different colors. It has a woven rayon backing with pure rubber adhesive. It's strong, with great adhesion even when it's applied to a rough surface. It tears easily in either direction and is easily written on.

The Tesa double-sided tape offered here is good for use with plastics in the auto industry, touch screens in the electronics industry and decorative pieces on furniture.