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3M 8132LE

3M 8132LE is a Double Linered Adhesive Transfer Tape with a long and tested history of bonding a wide range of related and dissimilar materials. This includes metals, most plastics, glass, papers, and painted surfaces. The 300LSE Low Surface Energy Acrylic Adhesive in the 3M 8132LE offers high bond power to a wide range of surfaces, including low surface energy plastics like polypropylene and powder coated paints. The acrylic adhesive often adheres well to surfaces that have been lightly contaminated with oils, as is common with machine parts.

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3M 8132LE with 300LSE Adhesive is recommended for the following applications:

  • Phones, laptops, and wearable systems are examples of consumer electronic product assemblies.
  • Workstations and other industrial electronic computer assemblies
  • Works well on most plastic assembly bonding.
  • Various assemblies in the automotive industry Component application and appliance assembly
  • Fabrication of medical devices and appliances
  • General industrial applications such as Trim attachment